United Nations office in Geneva

Work experience

United Nations

Sr. Digital Development Manager

Sr. Project Manager, Internet Services

United Nations HCR
2013 - present | Geneva, CH / Copenhagen, DK

Sr Program Manager, Internet Services

2008 - 2012 | France / US / UK
Convera Canada

Manager, Internet projects | Country Manager

2004 - 2007 | Montreal, Canada / Carlsbad, US
Citibank London

Project Manager, Financial web projects

2001 - 2002 | London, UK
Hewlett Packard

Project Manager, Internet Services

Hewlett Packard
1997 - 2001 | Grenoble, France


EM Lyon

Executive MBA

EM Lyon
2010 - 2012 | Lyon, France
CNAM Grenoble

Masters, IT

1997 - 1999 | Grenoble, France

Ecole d'Ingenieurs de Geneve (HES-SO)

Information Technology
1989 - 1991 | Geneva, Switzerland

My portfolio

I contributed to the following sites, either in terms of project management, service engineering or code development

please contact me for an updated portfolio

UNHCR data portal

The UNHCR data portal is a tool for the humanitarian collectivity to collect and disseminate refugee situations information. The site was initially developed by Edouard, Matthew, then by Mariann, Sinisa, Chris and Ivan. It was selected as a finalist to the 2014 Open Data Institute Award in the 'social impact' category

UNHCR Population Data

The UNHCR popdata website was build to streamline UNHCR population statistics data collection and disseminate to internal program monitoring systems. It supports the collection of the annual statistical report, planning figures report as well as mid-year statistical report

UNHCR Population Statistics

The UNHCR popstats website was built to communicate official UNHCR population statistics to public audiences. It includes redacted information

Yahoo! Answers

The Yahoo! Answers website is a community-based website allowing to ask questions, receive answers and rank users

Yahoo! Finance

The Yahoo! Finance website offers financial information, including stock quotes and stock exchange rates. A business critical service

Yahoo! Entertainment

The Yahoo! Entertainment sites include News, Travel, Cars, Music, Movies, etc. Some services were shut down in recent years

hp IT Resource Center

The hp ITRC was probably the first website to provide custom software updates, patches and community support features